All Through the Night

December 13th, 2008

“Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee / All through the night”

That utterly gorgeous song takes on new meaning when you are a young mom! But I am pleased to report that Miss MouseĀ has entered the world of sleeping through the night. Hip Hip Hooray!

It started on Monday night. She went down around 9 and didn’t awaken until 6 the next morning. I was stunned. Was she sick? Had I inadvertently drugged her formula? Was the clock wrong?

But no, she had just slept.

I assumed it was a fluke, and the next night she did indeed rouse in the wee hours. But every night since then, she’s slept at least nine hours. It’s incredible.

Now, just because the baby is sleeping through the night, let us not assume that mom and dad are also. Here’s the problem — when she sleeps, Miss MouseĀ seems to channel her inner dinosaur and makes more noise than I ever dreamed a sleeping creature could.

She grunts and growls and snorts and snorks and whimpers and sometimes even cries out. All while asleep. I don’t understand it but I’m hoping she perhaps grows out of it soon so I can get some sleep!

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