Momma Power

February 6th, 2009

More proof that you really shouldn’t mess with a mother — particularly not one who is a wee bit sleep deprived:

The other night, I was up with Miss Mouse at about 3am. I had just gotten her back to bed when the calm of the house was interrupted by a piercing high-pitched beep.

AAAACK! What the hell is that? (thought I)

I raced out of her room, closing the door behind me and hoping like mad that I could find the source before it woke her. Moments later I had identified the culprit — the control console for our security system. (Which we don’t actually use, thereby adding insult to injury.)

The real problem arose when I couldn’t figure out how to open the battery cover to replace the stupid things. I poked. I prodded. I broke a nail trying to pry it open. I bent a butter knife doing the same. The little “lift here for batteries” sign mocked me and I was not happy about it.

All the while, the beeping continued…

…until I ripped the entire console off the wall.

Problem solved. Mostly. There’s just the matter of the unsightly hole on the wall.

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  1. um, you frighten me just a little bit. and josh calls me stud. hmm…

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