An Evening in the Kitchen

June 29th, 2009

As I’ve said, making baby food is fun and it isn’t really that hard. It does require some advance planning and a certain outlay of time, but if you multi-task well, it goes pretty quick.

Take tonight. Josh had a meeting, so after I put Ellie to bed, I hit the kitchen.

First, I put water on for hard boiled eggs and popped in three. While those cooked merrily, I boiled water and blanched a tomato for easy peel removal. While the water boiled and the tomato did its thing, I peeled, cored and chopped two big pears.

The pears then cooked for a few minutes while I peeled, seeded, and chopped the tomato. Then it was the tomato’s turn to cook in a bit of butter while I mashed the pears. I do those with a fork because they’re soft enough that Miss Mouse enjoys the bit of chunk.

By that time, the eggs were done so I ran them under cold water and put them in the fridge for later in the week. Then I pureed the tomatoes in the food processor and stuck them in the fridge.

About that time I started water for boxed rice pilaf for our dinner and defrosted a couple pork chops.

While the rice pilaf cooked, I cleaned up the kitchen and prepped Ellie’s meals for tomorrow. She usually has fruit with yogurt for breakfast so I mixed up 1/4 cup of the pears, 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce and two tablespoons of yogurt (one fruit-flavored, one plain — which gives a bit of flavor, but reduces the sugar content).

Lunch is protein based and I currently rotate between chicken, egg, and lentil. Tomorrow’s a lentil day so I splopped out 1/4 cup of a cooked lentil/veggie mix I made over the weekend (it looks exactly — I mean EXACTLY — like the contents of her diaper). I defrosted a frozen cube of carrot to add to the lentils and measured out a wee container of steamed broccoli florets that I’d saved from an adult dinner earlier in the week.

The lentils had been in the fridge since Saturday so I spooned the rest of the batch into ice cube trays and stuck them in the freezer.

I was about to tackle a couple of ripe mangoes when Josh called to say he was on his way home so I switched gears, threw a couple pork chops in a skillet for our dinner and microwaved some frozen peas.

See, that’s not so bad, right?

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  1. G'Mom says:

    multi-tasking for so many years at the famous Christmas Gala was clearly good training. Very impressive!

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