Big Girl Food

June 25th, 2009

When I picked Miss Mouse up from Day Care the other day, her teacher approached me, looking serious, to say that they were running into a bit of an “issue.” Uh oh, I thought. They’re gonna ban the cloth diapers. I just know it. (More on how the diapers are a continuing source of frustration and confusion for Ellie’s teachers at a later date).

But no. The problem at hand was that Miss Mouse was feeling left out of meal times with the big girls. The older babies (who are about a year) all eat their meals at school together at the same time and generally eat school-provided food — mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup, etc. Big Girl Food.

And Ellie wants it. During snack time on the day in question — graham crackers and vanilla yogurt — all the other girls were sitting in their wee baby high chairs, munching away, and Ellie was supposed to be playing. Instead, she kept racing across the room on all fours, attempting to climb into the teacher’s lap, and grabbing at the graham crackers. Doctor’s say that your baby will let you know when they’re ready for more advanced food. I guess it’s time!

So we’re going to let her graduate up to eat with the big girls some of the time. The day care provides a weekly menu of school food and I will highlight the items that are Ellie-friendly (things like peaches, applesauce, graham crackers, noodles, etc.). Then she’ll be able to eat with her friends.

Yesterday she had pancakes for breakfast — they were met with great appreciation.

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