Bink No More

June 27th, 2009

Josh and I have embarked on a quest fraught with peril. The ultimate goal? The de-bink-ification of our daughter. That’s right. We will undertake to separate Miss Mouse — permanently — from her pacifier. Don’t try this at home! It is not for the faint of heart.

Well, actually, it hasn’t been that bad.

I’d always had very mixed feelings about Ellie’s bink. i had visions of a bink-free baby, but that last all of about three days. So the question becomes, when do you pull the plug? I think we can all agree that babies with binkies are normal and five year olds with binkies are alarming. And somewhere in between it goes from one to the other.

The tipping point for us actually came not from aesthetics but sleep deprivation. Ellie had a series of bad nights where she woke up four or five times each (arg!). About half the time, all you had to do was pop the bink back in her mouth and she’d go back to sleep. Which led us to believe the bink was definitely a sleep crutch that needed to go. She needed to learn how to go to sleep without the bink.

So we’ve quit — almost cold turkey (yes, I realize that as soon as you add the “almost,” it is no longer cold turkey). And we’ve had only minor mishaps. To be fair, Miss Mouse was only a recreational bink user. She was nowhere near as committed to the lifestyle as many of her peers.

The first two bedtimes were rough. Lots of crying and squirming and betrayed looks. But last night, she conked out just fine without it. Here’s hoping this road leads to an undisturbed night’s rest!

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