Diapers vs. Teachers

June 26th, 2009

It’s an epic confrontation: Diapers vs. Teachers. And right now, the diapers are winning.

Let me start off by saying I really don’t think cloth diapering is that difficult. Granted, I’ve been at it for eight months, but seriously. Once you understand the basic concept (inside diaper is folded, wrapped and fastened with clips. Outside cover goes over the top of inside diaper.) it’s pretty straightforward.

Or so I thought.

After two months, Miss Mouse’s teachers at day care still haven’t quite mastered the art form. The stage at which the process breaks down is the “keep the cloth inner diaper inside the outer cover at all costs” step. The outer cover is waterproof. The inside diaper is just cloth. It wicks moisture. And when it isn’t contained by the cover, it can leak.

And yet, every day when we change MM after bringing her home from school, her inner diaper is blossoming out over the top of her diaper cover and/or squeezing out the sides around her chubby little thighs.


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