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June 18th, 2009

Okay, so this post actually has nothing to do with Miss Mouse. I just wanted to share something awesome that I saw today.

There’s a wildly popular Christian momma blog called My Charming Kids ( This incredible (insane?) woman has four kids under five and blogs about her life. She’s given them all McDonald’s-based pseudonyms that are hysterical and she takes some great pictures.

Anyways, her youngest kiddo has some very serious health problems. And there’s this amazing page on her blog called Stellan’s Name Gallery that has pictures people have sent in of his name. Written on paper, drawn in the sand, shaved into a horse (seriously), knit into a hat. Lots of those pictures are accompanied by prayers and good wishes.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of pictures. From all over the world. Something about that stopped me in my tracks today and reaffirmed my faith that there is good in the world. So I wanted to share.

Click here and then scroll down on the left (keep scrolling, it’s a ways down) until you get to the box that says Stellan’s Name Gallery. Enjoy.

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