Lake Woebegone

June 22nd, 2009

Well, Ellie has announced that she is moving. She is packing her belongings and heading to Lake Woebegone in search of kindred pathetic spirits.

The poor child has been under the weather in some way, shape, or form since just before Mother’s Day. That was when we diagnosed a double ear infection and started antibiotics. It didn’t go away, so there were more antibiotics. And more. And more. Four rounds (and an insane amount of diarrhea) later, we finally kicked the infection last Monday…

…just in time for her to get some sort of viral tummy thing. Fever. More diarrhea. Hives (yes, the itchy red bumps. All over.). That seems to be on it’s way out now…

…and two new teeth are on their way in. More fever. Horrendous, bleeding diaper rash. Lots of tears and sleepless nights. Dare I ask what’s next??

Through it all, our girl has been a trooper. She’s still (mostly) her sunny smiley self. It’s amazing, really. What did I do to deserve such a good baby?

One response to “Lake Woebegone”

  1. G'Mom says:

    That's an easy question to answer – because that's exactly the way you were – cheerful and good natured no matter what – including a broken leg, hospital stay, and huge cast.

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