Taste Bud Development

June 28th, 2009

I love feeding Ellie. I enjoy making her baby food — steaming big batches of broccoli and carrots; the satisfaction of bagging up dozens of frozen cubes of food; the excitement of picking new foods to try — but I also get huge amounts of pleasure from the act of feeding her.

It’s so fun to watch her discover new foods. So far, she likes pretty much everything, but it usually takes a couple tries. Her first sampling of a new dish is generally met with suspicion and firmly clamped lips. But by round two, she loosens up.

Today she decided she liked lentils* (mixed with sweet potatoes, carrots and peas). After two hesitant bites, she settled down to business and packed away about a half a cup. And she was still hungry!

So I rounded up a couple tablespoons of banana yogurt and a big splop of pureed peaches. I usually heat the fruit up, but she was demanding more sustenance so I gave her both cold. And lo and behold, she gobbled it up! And insisted on having more.

When she’s eating something she really likes (peaches and yogurt are a favorite), she gets all wiggly and giggles under her breath in these small humming chortles. She also flexes and points her toes with glee. It’s incredible.

*Another instance of vicarious eating. I think lentils taste about like dirt. But they’re a cheap and excellent source of protein so I’m thrilled that she likes them.

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