Fighting the Diapers and Losing

July 10th, 2009

I had identified the source of my pocket-diaper-leakage-problems: buildup of something (there were several possible culprits) on the polyester diaper interior had caused them to become water repellent.

Armed with this knowledge and the consolidated results of a zillion Google searches, I set forth to do battle.

I soaked the diapers in Dawn dishwashing liquid (which for some reasons is supposed to help). I scrubbed them relentlessly with a toughie sponge. I rinsed them totally clear. I ran them through the washer on hot with no detergent at all (twice). I washed them with a generous helping of Oxi-Clean. I rinsed them again. I dried them.

The next morning, I confidently put one on Miss Mouse and handed her off to her dad for a bottle.

Five minutes later, my disgruntled husband stomped downstairs to inform me that all my efforts had been in vain. She immediately (I mean, within SECONDS) sprang a leak, with pee shooting from the sides of the diaper.

Well, booger. I don’t really have anything left in my arsenal. I think the initial pocket diapers (all 12 of them!!!) are toast. You can actually see the problem — if you dribble water on them, it immediately beads up and rolls toward the sides.

The source of the problem is somewhere in my wash routine. Any or all of the following could be to blame:
1) Wrong type of laundry detergent (there is a lot of disagreement over what types work well and don’t leave too much residue).

2) Tangential contamination by dryer sheets (we don’t use them on the diapers, but because we use them on other laundry, the stuff could build up on the inside of the dryer and transfer to the diapers).

3) Diaper creams — the nice, thick, wonderfully effective diaper rash creams will also build up on a diaper and render them useless.

I think the third option is the most likely, given that we slather Miss Mouse’s wee bum every time we change her to prevent rash. We use a liner as a barrier between diaper and cream…but wash the liners with the diapers which apparently defeats the purpose.

You know what I say to all of that? THHHHHHBBBBTTTT.

2 responses to “Fighting the Diapers and Losing”

  1. This is a great post. I plan to cloth diaper my new born and this has helped me. I still want to cloth diaper but at least I know I need to research a washing technique.
    referred me to your post.

  2. Kate says:

    I would definitely still recommend cloth diapers, but would suggest you only buy all-cotton. The polyester pocket diapers just cause more problems than they're worth. There are several good lines of all-cotton (organic, even!) pocket diapers if you want to go that route. So far, I'm really enjoying the Gro Baby diapers I just bought. Good luck!

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