Leaps and Bounds

July 21st, 2009

Miss Mouse had a burst of developmental evolution over the weekend (further proof that the theory of punctuated equilibrium is true). On Saturday, she mastered the art of drinking from a straw and conquered the stairs — perhaps because both words share similar letters. Who knows how that wee brain works?

Here she is, demonstrating the art of the juice box. She was extremely pleased with herself and very excited about her discovery. I had to pry the straw out of her mouth once the box had been emptied and then she was furious when she discovered that another one was not forthcoming.

And later in the day, she suddenly decided to climb the stairs. Once before, she had stood at the bottom and dithered, but she’d never gone up so much as a single step. Then, all of a sudden, there she was, scrambling up an entire flight (six steps). It was wild.

Of course, she still has no real concept of what stairs are, nor that caution needs to be exercised when clambering about on them. She got most of the way up, paused to look back, got distracted by daddy and the video camera, and nearly launched herself off backwards.

We have a gate at the top of the stairs, preventing a downward tumble, but perhaps a barrier at the bottom is in order, too!

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