Pittsburgh Cloth Diapers

July 5th, 2009

Cloth diapers are awesome (as I believe I may have mentioned once or twice). The only problem with cloth is that you always have to buy online and can’t see the stuff up close and personal to help you make your decisions…

…until now!

I made a marvelous discovery recently. A cloth diaper store in Pittsburgh! I give you: Pittsburgh Cloth Diapers .

This is a terrific in-house store run by a mom in Sewickley. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but it was totally worth it. She carries probably 10 or more brands of diapers — from all in ones, to pocket diapers, to prefolds and covers. Lots of organics, too, and even some really cool diapers made out of bamboo.

The store itself is gorgeous — all the diapers are neatly stacked by brand on brightly-colored shelves. It’s sort of like being in a candy store: you want to buy everything in sight because it all looks so yummy.

In addition to selling diapers and accoutrements (at very reasonable prices, I might add), she also dispenses diapering wisdom. She’s very knowledgeable and helped me troubleshoot why the darned pocket diapers have been leaking like an old boat. She even let me try a couple different brands on Miss Mouse (over a disposable diaper).

I decided to try out a new type — Gro Baby . They’re very neat. Organic cotton, too. Sweet! I’ll report back how it goes.

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