Reading Between the Lines

July 1st, 2009

Ellie’s Day Care sends home a daily “Family Communication” sheet, detailing what she ate, when she slept, and the details of her diaper changes. There’s also a section that starts out “Today I…” to give a brief overview of the day.

These communications are always relentlessly positive. Every day, Miss Mouse has a great day, during which so much fun (!!!!) was had. Every day. Always.

The teachers are also ceaselessly upbeat when they talk about the kiddos. For example, the babies are never fussy, cranky monsters. Oh no. They’re “sensitive” that day. Once you get used to it, though, you can start to read between the lines a bit.

Ellie’s communique for the other day said: “I was very vocal today! I had very loud conversations with my friends and my teachers. My teachers could not believe how loud I got!”

Yeah — that means she spent much of the day screaming at the top of her lungs. Not crying. She’s not upset when she does that. She just likes the sound of her voice and enjoys trying it out so she shrieks at top volume. Then she laughs.

She finds it hysterical. I find it hysteria-inducing. I’m sure it must have been more fun than a barrel of monkeys to have her doing that all day.

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