Spidey Sense

July 8th, 2009

You always hear that moms have supernatural powers — eyes in the back of their heads; extra appendages enabling them to sort laundry, make dinner, and wrangle multiple children at the same time; etc. It turns out it’s true. I put my own spidey/magicmomma sense to work at church on Sunday.

Miss Mouse had been having a bit of a rough morning, but when I left her in the nursery she seemed okay. Then, partway through the service — in a quiet moment somewhere at about the offering, I believe — I suddenly became aware of her.

It wasn’t so much that I actually consciously heard her, so much as I was instantly attuned to her without any real reason. Kind of like when you wake up in the night and aren’t sure why — you hear something without realizing you’ve heard it.

A minute later, I was convinced I heard a very indistinct cry from upstairs. I went up, and sure enough, Miss Mouse was in full meltdown mode, sobbing in the arms of the nursery provider.

I calmed her down and we joined the adjourning church members after the service. No one else had heard a thing. Not even my parents, who were sitting beside me.

So I have magical powers. I always knew it.

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  1. G'Mom says:

    That is so cool! I agree, I think you do have magical powers. Seriously.

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