Spoiled Rotten

July 6th, 2009

Well, Miss Mouse certainly had a good weekend. Well, in fairness, there were many many tears (thanks, new teeth), but never has a baby had so much love and attention lavished upon her wee tiny self.

The reason was simple: Grandpa and Grandma were here! Oh lucky baby.

My parents drove out for the holiday weekend and spent three days loving up our girl. I’m an only child, so Miss Mouse is The First Grandchild. And, my extended family is a bit of matriarchy so The First Granddaughter has made my mom in particular go completely wild.

I love to watch my parents with MM. They absolutely adore her and like nothing more than to entertain her for hours on end. Grandpa is silly and snuggly and more likely to break into babytalk. She loves his beard and the funny noises he makes — my dad was the recipient of her very first smile back in the day.

Grandma is all about learning. She buys fantastic, educational toys (like a set of brightly-colored building blocks shaped like animals) and talks quite seriously to Miss Mouse about her surroundings. They count together, read books, talk about colors, and discuss things like cause and effect.

My grandparents thought the world of me, but we were never particularly close. They lived in Iowa and we only saw them a couple times a year. I never got in the habit of talking on the phone with them, although my grandpa and I were pen pals for many years. I want Ellie’s grandparents to be much more involved in her life. And happily, that’s what they want, too!

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