The Birds and the Babies

July 29th, 2009

This weekend, my mom’s sister and her friend were in town for a quick visit and we hit the aviary together. It was actually my first trip to birdie land and I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t think of myself as particularly ornithologically inclined but there is something incredibly cool about being in a big room that bears striking resemblance to a tropical rainforest with scores of birds flying about free as, well, birds!

Miss Mouse was duly impressed, too, although I was forced to thwart the greatest desire of her wee tiny heart, which was to gnaw on the guard rails in the various exhibits. Shudder.

Penguin Point is particularly cool. They have these neat glass viewing portals that pop up into the midst of the exhibit so you can pretend that you’re a penguin, too. I had to elbow a few kids out of the way to get a turn, but it was worth it.

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