The Why and How of a Good Night’s Sleep (Part 1)

July 26th, 2009

Miss Mouse is not what you would call a “good sleeper.” She’s never been horrible — no all night crying fits or up-every-hour feedings. But here we are at 9+ months and she still doesn’t sleep through the night most of the time.

This week she seemed to be doing a bit better, managing several eight hour sleeps and actually going 11 hours straight on Friday (hallelujah). Then last night, she was up twice in the night again. I think there are really two pieces to the puzzle: why does she wake up and how do I handle it when she does? I’m going to ponder part one today and part two tomorrow.

I keep a journal of what Miss Mouse eats and when and other pertinent details about her day…

…but I can’t yet find any real pattern to when she sleeps well and when she doesn’t. Big bedtime bottle? Little bedtime bottle? Lots of solids during the day? Solid dinner shortly before bedtime? Tried them all. Sometimes she sleeps. Sometimes she doesn’t.

We have a very stable bedtime routine with bath, bottle and story. Her room is a nice temperature with a humidifier that lends a calm white noise and covers up other house noises.

I keep thinking that if I can figure out why she wakes up, that will be the secret to fixing it. But thus far no luck.

I’m beginning to suspect the answer is: she’s just ornery.

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