Tomatoes and Alpacas, Both Slightly Soggy

July 19th, 2009

Yesterday, several friends and I embarked on the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture’s (PASA) annual “Behind the Barn Farm Tour.” A variety of local farms were opening their doors for the day, including the farm from whence many of my friends get their CSA’s. It was only $10 per carload to see as many farms as you wanted, so five adults, one toddler, and a baby piled into two vehicles and set out.

First stop was Kretschmann’s Farm, home of the famously abundant CSA. It was pretty fun to see the very fields that had produced all the lettuce, new potatoes, beets, and other assorted goodies we had been eating for the last few weeks.

I bundled Miss Mouse into her baby backpack and felt quite buff (and more than a wee bit tired) after hauling her over hill and dale for an hour, admiring produce.

Then came a stop at the “Alpacas at the Little Brick Barn” Farm. What magical creatures! I instantly fell in love and had visions of myself retiring to a farm in Vermont and raising an alpaca herd. I asked if the owners might consider trading one of their babies for a five-year old lab shepherd mix, but they politely declined.

Miss Mouse was a big fan of the four-legged puffies as well, although she preferred to admire them from outside the fence. She was a bit nervous when they crowded around us to sample the proffered handfuls of alpaca chow.

Then we had a picnic lunch in the grass, at which point it started drizzling. We were undeterred and struck out for another farm that featured a hayride out to visit their grass-fed beef. Sadly, we timed it wrong and didn’t feel like waiting 45 minutes to catch the next ride, so we waved to the contentedly munching bovines from the nearby hilltop and headed home.

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