Update on the Veggies

July 4th, 2009

So, a couple days have passed and the “green shock” has mostly worn off. I think I’m doing a pretty good job taming the jungle of veggies that I inherited. We’ve been eating lots of salads (though have made only a tiny dent in the total amount of lettuce) and I used up the green onions in a chicken/nectarine salad.

I cooked and whomped up the spinach, beet greens and chard for Miss Mouse, who seems to think they’re okay. I’ll do the same with one of the monstrous zucchini tomorrow. The other zucchini and the summer squash are roasting in the oven right now for dinner, along with the new potatoes (generously sprinkled with the fresh rosemary).

That pretty much just leaves the Chinese cabbage. And I must confess, that one might defeat me. I just don’t eat much slaw. Make that: I just don’t eat any slaw. And that’s about the only thing anyone can come up with to do with said cabbage. It may be destined for deer fodder in the backyard…

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