Boys Will Be Boys

August 2nd, 2009

I’m a feminist. As a twenty-something female, I almost feel like this goes without saying, but I’ll just put it out there for the record. And yes, I can be a bit aggressive about it sometimes (anyone familiar with the song from Annie Get Your Gun: “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better”?)

But a friend of mine brought her adorable son over for a play date yesterday and I am forced to acknowledge the unassailable truth that, while men and women may be equal, they are most definitely not the same. Little boys and little girls are two different creatures.

While only six days older than Miss Mouse, Mr. A. is already standing independently, walking proficiently with help and contemplating taking some solo steps. And he uses those prodigious skills to get into everything. He climbs onto the dishwasher, attempts to get into the fridge and at one point, my friend asked what kind of lock I used on the oven because apparently Mr. A. pulls theirs open! Oh my.

I think boys are just hard-wired to try to figure things out — whether by getting into them or taking them apart. Mr. A. spent a good deal of time sitting in Miss Mouse’s box of blocks, which he had previously emptied. Never in her life has Miss Mouse been compelled to do any such thing.

On the whole, the small fries got along pretty well. They followed each other around the room, stole toys from each other, and splashed around contentedly in the kiddie pool. The only problems arose when Mr. A. showed off his amazing vocal cords by shrieking at top volume inches from Miss Mouse. (Now, bear in mind, she does the exact same thing herself with some frequency).

But coming from her friend, it was all too much and she burst into torrential tears. Several times.

Interestingly, there really aren’t any boys in Miss Mouse’s day care class. It’s a big pack of girls. There is one small gentleman but he was born preemie and, while developmentally almost up to speed, he’s delicate and gentle and non-threatening. This was her first major encounter with that mysterious creature known as Boy.

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