Brand New Baby

August 18th, 2009

Everyone we talked to about Miss Mouse’s ear tubes who had some experience with them always said the same thing: “She’ll be a brand new baby after they’re in.”

I don’t know about Brand New, but she sure is happy!

Now, Miss Mouse is usually pretty happy, but this afternoon she was bouncing around the house like a small, vocal ping pong ball. She’d crawl into the kitchen, climb around on the chairs, stand up and bang on the refrigerator, whack her wooden spoon on the floor (or the dog or whatever she could get near), scuttle over to her music table, crawl through her plastic tunnel, and cruise the couch — all the while babbling and squeaking happily. It was marvelous.

She handled the whole surgery like a champ, too. No fussing beforehand, despite the fact that she’d been forced to skip breakfast. And no tantrums when she woke up, either. They’d warned us that between the hunger and the grogginess, many babies dissolved into inconsolable shrieking fits as soon as they woke up. But not our girl! When they brought us back, she was sitting up brightly in the nurse’s arms, smiling.

She’s in bed now. Fingers crossed that she stays there!

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