Ear Drops

August 20th, 2009

Who knew that there could be anything worse in a small baby’s life than The Dreaded Blue Bulb? Well, there is. It seems that the diabolic folks at Mean Parents, Inc. have come up with an even more shocking instrument of baby torment — Ear Drops.

Miss Mouse’s ears were gunky and infected and nasty when they performed the surgery on Tuesday so they sent us home with a bottle of ear drops and instructions to put three drops in each ear three times a day.

Oh, and have her lie on her side for a few minutes after you do each ear to help the drops wind up in the right spot.

Uh huh. Yeah. Right.

Every application of the drops is a battle. Josh usually holds down a squirming, writhing, wailing, and shrieking baby — literally pinning her head down and to the side — while I try desperately to squirt the correct amount of liquid into her head. It’s brutal.

And I’m pretty sure she’s going to hold those incidents against us 60 years from now when she’s picking out our nursing home…

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