Full Time?

August 29th, 2009

There are some days (like Sunday afternoons) when I want to quit my job and spend every day snuggling, kissing, and going on adventures with my Mouse. Two days a week and a few hours each evening just isn’t enough time with her and I wonder about the feasibility of being a stay at home mom for a while.

And then there are days (like yesterday) when I pick her up from day care and she’s cranky and ornery and I find myself counting the milliseconds until I can put her to bed and I think I would probably go stark raving mad if we spent every waking hour together.

It’s a sensitive subject, and one not helped by people — like my pediatrician, for example — who say things like “you know she’d get sick less if you stayed home with her. Day care babies get sick more.” Josh swears she said it as a joke but I seem unable to find the humor and seriously considered thumping her.

One response to “Full Time?”

  1. Hello there- found you through the Mom Blogs. I have done both sides of the coin: working with kids in daycare and stay at home. Your post made me think of two points. The first is when you are working and pick up your little one from daycare, you frequently get a cranky mess. I always figured it was because they were being so good at daycare and following all the rules, that when they see you, they can finally relax and have the meltdown they've been putting off all day. I always tried to think of it as a compliment. They feel so comfortable with you, they can finally let their guard down.

    The second point is about little ones getting sick at daycare. In my experience, they either get sick in daycare or they get sick when they start kindergarten. Unless you're planning on keeping them home in an isolated bubble for all of their lives, they're going to get sick.

    You have to do what's best for you and your family. Sometimes that means thumping the doctor in the head. :)

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