Love and Snotty Snuggles

August 30th, 2009

Less than two weeks after getting her ear tubes, Miss Mouse is sick again. After a very long Friday night that includes lots of crying, a very high fever, and a 3:30 AM chat with our pediatrician, we got her in to the doc yesterday who pronounced a sinus infection.

“And it’s not even cold season yet. Wow.” — she intoned cheerfully.

So now my babe has snot pouring from her nose and oozing from her ears. She’s on antibiotics (wait — wasn’t avoiding more of those one of the reasons for the tubes?) both orally and direct to the ear and we’re fighting back the fever with regular doses of Tylenol. As the fever wanes and waxes, so does her temperament.

Much of yesterday, she was a sweaty, snotty mess of snuggles. If there’s an upside to a sick baby, it’s how lovey they are. Miss Mouse is generally a somewhat snuggly baby, but she kicks it into high gear when she doesn’t feel good.

We spent a lot of quality time together yesterday, nestled in the rocker or lying on the floor. She would crawl off and play for a few minutes, then return to my side and drape herself across my tummy. Eventually she gave up on playing entirely and just curled up beside me, wiped her nose on my shirt, and went to sleep for a while.

I’ve got a lot of boogers on my clothes now, but I think I may have drooled in her hair while we slept so I think we’re even.

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