My Verbal Gerbil

August 3rd, 2009

Miss Mouse has mastered the “how big is baby?” game. You know — How big is baby? SOOOOO big! And you lift your arms up to demonstrate just how big the baby is.

Well, she’s got it down and delights in flinging her arms gleefully into the air like the big girl she is.

What amazes me about this game is that she responds to the verbal question, no hand gestures needed. All you have to do is get her attention and say “How big is baby?” and the arms go up.

She understands.

Obviously, rationally, I realized that at some point, Miss Mouse would begin to comprehend all those syllables coming out of our mouths. But it’s still pretty incredible to see it happen.

I suppose this means that now we need to get serious about curtailing the occasional four letter words that come sneaking out…

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