Pizza Bread

August 11th, 2009

Josh has been teasing me for a while that what Miss Mouse is really saying when she flings her food to the floor is — “I want pizza!”

And as I was wandering through the Italian section of the grocery store yesterday afternoon in search of inspiration, I thought, why not? Commercial pizza is bad for you mostly because of the ridiculous amount of fat grams and the freakish partially hydrogenated products they use to make it taste extra good. But fat is good for babies and I wasn’t planning to order her a stuffed crust from Pizza Hut.

I picked up a couple Boboli crusts, some sauce and some cheese. Although the Mouse has four very sharp teeth, I figured she wasn’t quite ready for her own pizza slice yet. So I ripped the crust into little bits, splashed on some sauce, topped with cheese and popped it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Voila! Pizza Bread.

Oh happy day. Big smiles, wiggly butt, and kicking feet abounded as she snarfed down her pizza treat.

What’s extra great is that pizza bread will be easy to keep on hand. I cut the remaining crust into Mouse-sized servings and froze the sauce in an ice cube tray. Then I’ll put together little pizza packets in the freezer of crust, sauce, and a handful of cheese. Thaw, heat, and feed!

2 responses to “Pizza Bread”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Well yum! Keep some on hand for me.

  2. MelissaRae says:

    I am surprised he didn't try to convince you she was saying "I want Spaghetti!"

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