The Good Old Days

August 31st, 2009

Who knew that, in such a short time, we would look back at the ear infection saga as “the good old days”?

Poor Miss Mouse. This sinus infection is kicking her wee little butt. The ear infections never really seemed to slow her down much. She’d cough and occasionally run a little fever, but that was about it.

Now we’re going into day four of 102-103 degree fever and she is obviously uncomfortable much of the time. She spends much of the day moaning and melting into a feverish puddle in the nearest lap, which is a truly pitiful sight. We tried to send her off to day care today because she seemed a bit better in the morning, but a few hours later, they kicked her out.

I have absolutely no medical basis for this, but my fear is that the sinus thing will be recurrent like the ears. In my mind, the sinuses were probably always bad, but because the ears were bad, too, the germs never had a chance to make it all the way to the sinuses. They got stuck at the ear roadblock. But now that the ear roadblock is clear, they can head for Sinus Land, where the border crossing is also closed.

Thank god for family. Josh’s sister is en route as I type and will spend the night here so she can watch Miss Mouse tomorrow. She’s a life saver.

One response to “The Good Old Days”

  1. prettyisa says:

    poor kid! I've had a lifetime of crappy sinuses/lungs/etc. I'm sorry I somehow managed to pass it on to your lovely child! It wasn't intentional! Is she too young for hot lemon and honey water? That always makes me feel better…

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