The wonderful thing about tofu, is tofu’s a wonderful thing

August 26th, 2009

Have I waxed appreciative about tofu yet? No? Well then…

It’s magic stuff, really. I had read early on that tofu was a good food for babies — lots of protein and whatnot. But I bought the wrong kind and let it be said for the record that “extra firm” tofu does *not* puree nicely into baby food. It glunks and clumps and curdles and is generally nasty.

So I abandoned the project for a while. But then I happened to be in Whole Foods and encountered silken tofu. And that is a different beast all together. It doesn’t really taste like much by itself — it just adds a nice smoothness and some health benefits to whatever you whomp it up with.

Miss Mouse now enjoys veggies with tofu, fruit with tofu, meat with tofu. You name it, we can sneak tofu into it. And we do.

Occasionally, I get a bit overexcited and tilt the tofu-to-real-food ratio too far in the direction of the bean curd and Miss Mouse gets suspicious. But most of the time it works like a charm. My next plan is to start introducing it into my husband’s food…

2 responses to “The wonderful thing about tofu, is tofu’s a wonderful thing”

  1. LissaRae84 says:

    Good luck getting Josh to eat tofu.

  2. Melissa says:

    Good luck getting Josh to eat tofu.

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