Tricks for Treats

August 10th, 2009

Well, although he may continue to view Miss Mouse as a rascally wee puppy with more energy than any creature needs, Riley knows which side his toast is buttered on. Or rather, which human is most likely to cause buttered toast to rain from the sky upon him.

Yesterday, Miss Mouse was enjoying her lunch with usual verve — mushing her macaroni into her hair, smearing the veggie puree on her face, and flinging her diced carrots to the ground. Riley was patiently camped out under (yes, under) the high chair in a state of bliss.

At one point, I looked over to see her dangling her hand off the side of the chair. Sometimes she feeds the dog this way, but there was no food in her hand. But Riley knew it wasn’t far away. First, he licked her hand. Then he sat, ears pricked. Then he lay down. Then he sat back up. And then, finally, he waved his paw in the air at an attempt at “shake.”

The message was clear: “Okay, wee human. Which of my tricks are you waiting for me to perform before you hand over that graham cracker?” My cruel daughter giggled wildly but did not, in fact, share her graham cracker with her four legged friend.

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