An Open Letter to the Makers of Baby Shoes

September 28th, 2009

Dear Baby Shoe People,

I’ve been pondering how best to phrase this. After all, one hates to be rude. I’ve settled on: Are you people out of your freaking gourds? $52 for a pair of baby sneakers? Seriously?

Is this some kind of joke? Am I being filmed by a hidden camera, while millions of viewers titter and wait to see if I’m actually going to fork over that kind of cash for something my daughter will outgrow in approximately three months?

I will — grudgingly — shell out $50 for a pair of shoes for me, comforted only by the knowledge that I can wear them for the next several years. But it still hurts and I don’t really like doing it.

By my calculations, big people shoes have about 10 times the materials of little people shoes so just where do you get off charging that kind of money? Yes, I’m talking to you Stride Rite and Keen’s and Puma and Nike and…well…all you big shoe companies out there who are smirking to yourselves while you read this.

You have no souls.


A Mild-Mannered Mother

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