September 14th, 2009

We brought our usually-trusty GPS along to Savannah — an unfailingly proper British gentleman we refer to as “Gerald.” Only somewhere along the way, Gerald’s settings got changed to “shortest route” rather than “fastest route.”

The implications of this adjustment have been some truly bizarre Gerald-initiated “short cuts.” We’d be driving along a major road and then suddenly Gerald was leading us off into a maze of residential side roads.

Right. Left. Left. Right. Around several more corners, zig zagging merrily past southern homes. (Sometimes, I kid you not, the roads didn’t even have names.) Then back to the main road.

Some of those detours took us through some pretty shady neighborhoods, too. I really wanted to get out and take a picture of the streets (or lack thereof) during one of these off-road excursions. And if I hadn’t feared for my life, I would have! The entire subdivision was totally torn up and we alternated between driving on dirt and driving on gravel. It was quite an experience.

I think we’ve now fixed Gerald’s settings and hopefully he’ll stick to the beaten path from now on.

2 responses to “Gerald”

  1. prettyisa says:

    I've had friends say that they wish gps units would have an 'avoid ghetto' setting. The clawmarks stephanie has left in the passenger-side armrest can attest to the fact that ours will happily direct you through the hood for no discernable reason when in all actuality the highway would have been faster anyway.

  2. Kate says:

    Yes! Avoid Ghetto. Absolutely necessary. It does seem to have fixed it now that we have it set for "fastest" route, not "shortest." Thank goodness. Crazy Gerald.

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