Gimme My Crib

September 26th, 2009

As I was saying, Miss Mouse has gotten much better about sleeping. Right now, she’s upstairs taking a nap. She was dozing off over her lunch and all I had to do was put her in her crib with PJ and that was that. No fussing, no squawking.

But even more impressive was the interaction I had with her one morning last week. She’d woken up earlier than she needed to, since my parents were in town and she wasn’t hitting day care at the crack of dawn. It was about 5:30 and, after giving her a bottle, I tried to rock her a little bit, hoping she might go back to sleep.

She put up with it for about a minute and then started to twist in my lap. I had just about resigned myself to the idea that she was, in fact, up for the day when all of a sudden, she wiggled around and pointed at her crib.

I kid you not. She pointed directly at it and then looked at me expectantly. I dubiously set her back in her crib and left…

…and she slept another hour and a half. Wow.

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