Hand Off!

September 1st, 2009

Miss Mouse’s newest favorite thing to do is hand things to me. Now, to the outside observer, this may not seem like an activity that would produce seemingly endless entertainment, but to my daughter, it’s the coolest thing since binkies.

This afternoon at the park, it was mulch. Yup, mulch. She sat cheerfully at my feet for about ten minutes, picking up handfuls of tree bark, inspecting them intently, and then handing them to me. Happily, only a few handfuls ventured in the direction of her mouth and I was able to reroute them before they reached that destination.

And then there’s bath time and the rubber duckies. When it comes to the ducks, Miss Mouse likes to mix things up a bit and have me take them from her with my teeth. I can’t remember quite how it got started. She was chewing on her ducks and then offered one to me. It seemed the polite thing to do to also chew on it for a few seconds.

Big mistake.

She was enchanted, and now insists that I gnaw on the darned duckies each time. It simply won’t do to simply accept her offering with my hand. What can I say? I’ll do a lot of dumb stuff to make that baby giggle.

One response to “Hand Off!”

  1. My two year old is always passing me treasures to hold on to and guard. I have to admit to sometimes slacking a little on guarding the crumpled receipt from last week's grocery trip or the broken toy she's dug out from under the couch.

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