I Am Woman, See Me Assemble Things

September 22nd, 2009

Hhaaaa. Arrrr. Heeeee-yah! Those are the noises I make when I’m flexing my muscles and/or practicing ninja moves in front of the bathroom mirror and feeling really really tough.

Why am I making them right now? Well, I’ll tell you. I just successfully (I think) installed Miss Mouse’s new big-girl car seat in my trusty Saturn all by myself. We’re talking solo here. No dad, no hubby, no knowledgeable sales dude — no males of any type were involved in this endeavor.

It took about a half an hour and there was a lot of sweating involved. Unless, of course, you subscribe to that ridiculous notion that girls don’t “sweat,” they “glisten.” In which case it took about a half an hour and I was glowing like a Christmas tree.

But the seat is installed, in all its Cowmoooflage glory. So again I say: Rrrrraaaaa! Whaaaa-cheeee. Whhhhhhaah.

One response to “I Am Woman, See Me Assemble Things”

  1. Miss Meg says:

    Seriously. I think Miss M. might be the very cutest child I've ever seen in my whole life. Love this pic and the cowseat!

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