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September 27th, 2009

At this point, Miss Mouse is a bit young for most of our fine city’s cultural attractions. She likes the zoo okay but I doubt she’d get much out of the natural history museum or the science center and I’m not dumb enough to try her out at a ballgame yet! But yesterday we discovered kids paradise at the Children’s Museum.

I had been peripherally aware of the museum for a while but for some reason had a mental image of a museum about childhood (not sure why) and wasn’t really interested in checking out old dolls and exhibitions of children’s clothing through the ages. I finally made my way to their website and there I saw the light.

Yesterday, we experienced it for ourselves. And let me just say — WOW.

The Children’s Museum is three floors of smart, fun, interactive exhibits for kids. They have a big Mister Rogers Neighborhood complete with trolley to play on, an interactive car garage where kids can play mechanic and learn how cars work, several video based exhibits, rooms devoted to art projects and a whole floor for “water play” (which we didn’t even get to because there was so much else to see!).

Much of it was still too old for Miss Mouse but the second floor is what they call The Nursery. And it is populated with exhibits aimed at kids three and under. There was a giant ‘lite brite’ with huge, easily-manipulated pegs. And a wee see-saw, positioned on either side of a pane of glass with water bubbles floating up. And a sand table and trains and a neat bridge with panes of Plexiglas on the floor with things to look at underneath.

There was even a small, separated section for pre-mobile babies to enjoy tummy time and some great brightly-colored toys.

You’ll notice that in none of these pictures is my girl looking at me. She had absolutely no time for her camera-toting mother and rarely even acknowledged my presence. She was having way too much fun.

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