More Handing Off

September 10th, 2009

Miss Mouse continues to find great joy and satisfaction in the act of handing objects to her parents. Yesterday afternoon, she sat for about 20 minutes, fishing toys out of her basket and handing them to us.

She treats this exercise with great seriousness. She sits on the floor and deliberately brings each object out of the basket, holds it out at arms length for a moment, and then offers it up with a wide-eyed sober gaze. Caterpillar rattle. Turtle rattle. Mini Care Bear. Teething ring. Croaking stuffed frog. One by one they accumulated in our laps.

Miss Mouse is very equitable. She rotates between giving things to Mommy and giving things to Daddy. One for you. One for me. It’s not always exactly even, but we ended up with roughly the same amount of treasures.

Sweet girl that she is, she even tried to offer a present to Riley. When he padded past, she dutifully stuck her hand out, gripping her giraffe rattle. When he declined to take it from her, she gnawed thoughtfully on it for a few moments, and then handed it to me. His loss.

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  1. G'Mom says:

    She might have been hoping that Riley would offer her his highly desirable blue ball in exchange.

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