Moving On

September 19th, 2009

I am simultaneously overjoyed and heartbroken today. One of my very best friends and her husband packed their bags and headed West today. Really, really “west.” Anchorage, Alaska, “west.” Karlin will be serving as an associate pastor at a church in Anchorage and for that my heart sings. He’ll be so good and they are so lucky to have him.

And yet. There’s now a huge Emily-shaped whole in my life. I have come to believe that the best friendships (or at least my best friendships) are those that are formed instantly. I don’t believe in love at first sight, but “friends at first sight”? That, I believe in. I actually knew I would be friends with Em before I saw her — I heard her voice outside my office at work and dang, she sounded cool. Sure enough, three years later, she’s one of my nearest and dearest.

I think a lot of young women have “that friend” — the girlfriend with whom you become a mother. That one person with whom you share every step of the journey. Emily was pregnant as we were planning when to start our family. I had serious baby fever and pummeled her with constant questions all along the way. Two weeks before she gave birth to her glorious daughter, I found out I was pregnant with mine.

Em was the first person I told after my parents and she was the one whose wisdom I have mined ever since. She doled out advice, books, and hand-me down clothes with a perpetually open heart. I had keys to her apartment and spent many afternoons sacked out on her couch in the early months of the pregnancy when I was too exhausted to face an evening meeting without a nap. One of my first visitors in the hospital after Miss Mouse was born was Emily, cheerfully bearing a chai frappuccino (my weakness and one caffeinated “cheat” while pregnant) and eager to hear all about the birth.

Over the past year, we’ve reveled in being moms together. We’ve explored local farms, played outside, and just hung out together, admiring our girls.

Josh and I have already started scoping out flights to Alaska. It was already on our list of “must sees some day” and we’ve upgraded it to “must see soon!” I’m gonna need an Emily fix ASAP.

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