Pedal Savannah

September 16th, 2009

Today, after a fun morning jaunt through a now-crumbly-but-once-cool colonial homestead and a stop at the beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery (which was marred by the sad discovery that the Bird Girl statue from The Book has been removed and now lives in an over-priced museum we had no intention of visiting), the hubby and I decided to unleash our inner eco-tourist.

We hopped a public bus to the Savannah historic district, rented bikes (Josh nixed my request for a tandem — thhhbt), and pedaled around, enjoying the lovely squares and amazing houses.*

We visited (and loved) the childhood home of Flannery O’Connor and visited (and were underwhelmed by) Mercer House, site of all the drama in The Book. Sadly, the tour made virtually no reference to Midnight, didn’t include all of the house, and was presided over by an uptight and pretentious aging southern bell whose facial skin was on too tight. I wanted my $12.50 back. Oh well.

The rest of the afternoon was great. There are 21 historical squares in downtown Savannah and they’re working on restoring number 22 of 24 originals. They’re located on a grid, each several blocks apart and most have some sort of monument or statue or fountain in the middle, park benches for lounging, and lots of vegetation. They’re magical. Appropriately enough, I finished reading The Book yesterday while parked on a bench in one such square.

We felt good about our environmentally friendly afternoon, although I confess that I absolutely hate taking public transportation. At least buses. It took us 45 minutes each way. By car, it took us 10. Oy.

* Yes, mother, we wore helmets. See them in the pictures?

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  1. G'Mom says:

    Yes I did notice the helmet! But I just assumed it came with the bike rental, and that you wore it on the handlebars instead of your head. My daughter on a bike tour – I'm impressed!

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