Sh*ts and Giggles

September 6th, 2009

One of the greatest challenges to traveling with Miss Mouse is diaper changes away from home. For some reason, the absence of a changing table frees her from any sense of propriety and she doggedly tries to escape Each and Every Time you remove her diaper. Usually this is done on a bed or floor, and pinning her down at an awkward angle while trying to wrestle off her clothes and diaper, wipe her down, and get her re-outfitted can be really difficult.

Today, I drew the short straw on changing a particularly impressive poop (that had already leaked a bit onto Dad’s khaki pants). I got the offending diaper off…

…but was seconds too slow as she made a run for it.

Nearly breaking the sound barrier in her haste, she flipped over, mashed a knee into the stinky glop, and proceeded to streak across the bed, bare bum waving, leaving a trail of brown knee prints on the sheets.

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