South of the Mason-Dixon

September 19th, 2009

It didn’t take too long upon arrival in the Peach State for us to realize we were in a whole different world. “The South” just feels different from our northern climes — and it wasn’t just the 20 degree temperature jump.

How can you tell when you’re in the South? Here are four key indicators:

Spanish Moss

Seriously, it’s everywhere. It looks kind of cool from a distance but, according to our tour guide, is home to chiggers, ticks, lice, and all manner of other nasty buggers. If you should feel compelled to take some home and decorate with it (apparently it looks nice with plant arrangements), you should microwave it for a while first to kill all the inhabitants. Uh. No, thanks.

Random Alligators

This one’s name was Molly and she is a regular resident of the moat surrounding Fort Pulaski near Tybee Island.

Baptist Churches on Every Corner

Oh, yes.
They are everywhere. And we’re not just talking “Savannah Baptist Church.” Oh, no. Victory in Jesus Baptist Church. Greater Freewill Baptist Church. Holy Spirit True Gospel Down with the Heathens Baptist Church. (Okay, I made that last one up but I did see one with a sign that said: “One cannot govern rightly without a Bible in hand.”)

Waffle House

If you’ve ever driven South, this one should be self-explanatory.

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