Weekend Recap

September 7th, 2009

We’re back home after a fun-filled trip to the in-laws this weekend. It’s 6:15 PM and Miss Mouse has already been asleep for about twenty minutes — the true indicator of a good day. Visits to Josh’s family are always an exercise in controlled chaos, with the emphasis on chaos. This trip included:

Nine adults,
Two big rowdy dogs,
and one baby…

…all staying together in one mid-sized house,
with three bedrooms,
and one shower.

But we’re pros at this by now and everyone had a bed (or at least a couch) and a crack at some hot water and suds.

The highlight of the trip was that Miss Mouse finally got to meet her Uncle Don, Josh’s adored older brother. He lives in Kentucky and though he had eagerly sent a camouflage onesie to celebrate her birth, we just hadn’t been able to connect in person until now.

In many ways, Donnie is the opposite of my soft-spoken, introverted preacher-man. He’s big and loud and very southern (you can count on being called darlin’). He swears a blue streak and cracks endless wildly inappropriate — but really funny — jokes. And we love him to pieces.

Naturally, so did Miss Mouse. I don’t know if it was the big booming voice, the stubbly facial hair, the hoop earrings, the southern accent, or a combination of them all, but from the first “well hey there, little lady,” my daughter was immediately entranced.

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