What Child Is This?

September 21st, 2009

Holy cow. You go away for five days and when you come back, a whole new baby is waiting to meet you. I feel like Miss Mouse has changed by leaps and bounds in the short time we were away. Grandpa and Grandma were teaching her all kinds of new things, including:

When you pick up the Mouse, she will cheerfully announce “Up!” It’s the cutest darned thing ever. I’d say that’s her second official word. The first one was “yum” which she started saying a while ago. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment, because much of the time it just comes out “mmm” in a contented tone. She also reliably says “mama” and “dada” but shows no signs yet of applying these words to the appropriate adult.

Milk, Please
Miss Mouse seems to have had a wee breakthrough when it comes to her baby signs. All of a sudden, she is purposefully signing for her milk (the sign is an imitation of milking a cow with one hand — open, squeeze, open, squeeze). She generally uses this gesture to indicate desire for most any food, not just milk, but she is definitely communicating a desire with it! She also does a version of “more,” which is helpful.

Continuing her mad explosion of communication, the wee Mouse now points emphatically at…well…everything. Things she wants to touch, things she wants to eat, things she simply wants to look at and have you admire with her. She sticks her tiny finger out and says “da!” and then looks expectantly at you. It’s pretty fun.

Step Lively
And best of all, Miss Mouse debuted her first real step for me on Saturday. My folks swear she didn’t do it while we were gone — she was waiting for us! She only took one solid step before collapsing on the second one, but I was still totally wowed.

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