An Unsettling Diaper Realization

October 17th, 2009

We’ve chosen to cloth diaper Miss Mouse for a variety of reasons, including financial. But the biggest one is still the environmental benefits of cloth. We all know that disposables diapers are really really bad for the planet, but today that really hit home anew for me.

I’d ordered some biodegradable inserts for Miss Mouse’s Gro Baby diapers (very handy for when you’re on the go) and on the packaging was the “breakdown info.” The Gro Baby disposable inserts will break down in a landfill in 50-150 days. Disposable diapers can take upwards of 500 years to break down.

This means that every diaper ever manufactured and used is still sitting in a landfill right now at this very moment. Not one has broken down and gone away.

That is horrifying.

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