October 14th, 2009

Want to know what is not very tasty and also not particularly festive?

Burnt Agave Nectar Banana Bread muffins.

My very first foray into the world of home-baked birthday treats did not go well. My bananas didn’t ripen as fast as I had hoped and didn’t mash well. Then I burnt about half the batter when trying to bake it in mini muffin cups.

I had also baked six heart-shaped mini-loaves in a nice silicon baking mold…forgetting how much silicon baking molds Don’t Work. They didn’t burn, but they also didn’t come out of the molds. Or rather, the tops did, while the bottoms remained firmly stuck.

What the heck? These weren’t cakes. Not even cupcakes. They were muffins, so my familial cake curse should not have been in effect. It does not bode well, though, for the vanilla buttermilk cupcake confections I plan to make this evening for her birthday party tomorrow night…

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