October 19th, 2009

My parents both love a good bargain. They each have their own specialities. My dad (in whom the trait is more pronounced), has a fondness for grocery story deals and electronics steals. Growing up, I never ever worried that we’d get snowed in and starve to death because our basement contained an extra refrigerator and about a six-month supply of canned goods and snack foods. Because, heck, if it’s buy one get one free, why not buy five? It was a fabulous childhood — everyone liked to hang out at my house due to the free-flowing good food.

My mom’s not quite as proficient a deal-hunter, but she’s got her niche. She’s particularly fond of Christmas picks. You know, the little sticks with festive “things” glued to them — teeny wrapped packages, sparkly pine cones, greenery, etc. She uses them in her decorating and tends to buy dozens each year.

As it turns out, she also has a weakness for baby clothes. And I don’t just mean my baby’s clothes. Recently, she ran amok at Kohl’s, seduced by the dizzying array of wee baby things with ridiculously low price tags. She just had to buy them. She knew Miss Mouse didn’t really need multiple pairs of sweatpants but she couldn’t leave them there in the store.

And here’s what I love about my mother. She called me to see if I thought a day care could use the clothes. Miss Mouse’s first day care serves a pretty high number of low income families. They try to keep clothes on hands because the kids sometimes come without weather-appropriate clothing or don’t have back-ups in case of spills or diaper emergencies. So my mom picked up a bag of sweatpants and shirts to donate to the day care.

After all — good deals are meant to be shared.

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