In Which Miss Mouse Learns to Walk and Then Refuses to Do So

October 7th, 2009

Almost two weeks ago, I was all aflutter, having determined that I was now the Mother of a Toddler. In front of both adoring parents, Miss Mouse proudly took five unassisted steps before toppling into my arms. Then she did it again. Huzzah!

I dove for the video camera, ready to capture this magical moment…

…and I’m still waiting.

She now refuses to take more than a single step. She’ll cruise around the couch, kitchen stools, dining room chairs and any other furniture that she can get her paws on, but actual bi-pedal, solo steps? Not so much.

She also knows when we’re trying to get her to show off — for grandpa and grandma on the webcam, say — and takes her stubbornness to new heights by going totally noodle-legged. Forget walking. She won’t even stand!

Her teachers haven’t confirmed it, but I suspect that she is toddling around the day care room in fine style, smug in the knowledge that she’s driving Mommy nuts.

One response to “In Which Miss Mouse Learns to Walk and Then Refuses to Do So”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Do you really think she's walking at daycare? Are you going to ask them? Talk about busted if she is!

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