Just Call Me Ms. Professional

October 6th, 2009

I was chatting with a co-worker this morning, getting the play by play on a meeting I missed last night, and throughout the conversation, I kept getting the sense that he was distracted. His eyes kept wandering away from mine, he seemed to be frowning and/or squinting at me, and it was all a bit strange.

Finally, he said: “Um…Is that…baby vomit on your shoulder?”

Why, yes. Yes it was.

I thought we’d passed the point where I had to check for baby puke on my way out the door each day, but apparently not. With all of her congestion, Miss Mouse has been yakking more and at some point this morning she left me a present.

She was doing her “Barnacle Baby” routine, which meant that I did all of my morning stuff — from eating breakfast, to packing lunch, to brushing my teeth, with her perched on my hip. Talk about ingratitude. I cart her around all morning, singing silly songs and sharing my breakfast banana with her, and she barfs on me!

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