Putting Your Best Face Forward

October 24th, 2009

Clearly, Murphy’s Law targets innocent, unsuspecting parents. How else do you explain the fact that one hour before we had fifteen family members coming over to celebrate Miss Mouse’s birthday (and one day before we had a family portrait scheduled), the Mouse in question managed to trip, crash face-first into a wooden chair, and give herself a shiner?


As the pictures demonstrate (not taken today — so the accident cannot be blamed on flash-induced blindness), one of her favorite things In The Whole World to do is to climb in, around, under, and over our bar-height kitchen table and its accompanying stools. She spends much time wedging herself under the table, pushing the stools around, climbing over the table cross bar, etc. It was really just a matter of time before she went sprawling.
And as much as I am tempted to do so at times, I know that I cannot (and shouldn’t even try to) prevent her from ever falling. Which is why, at the time of The Incident, I was not following her around with a big pillow upon which to catch her should she tumble, but was instead making Apple Cranberry Muesli Crisp, and was alerted to the tragedy by the crash, followed by her fire-engine level shrieks.

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