Rubbish Sale

October 3rd, 2009

As I believe I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m not great at the whole thrift/rummage/garage sale shopping scene. But I want to be, and I’ve heard that practice makes perfect.

With that in mind, Meg and I decided to hit the big annual rummage sale of a large (wealthy) church near where I work. I’d been hearing about it for years but had never actually made an appearance. The sale officially kicks off today, but for $5 you could get first crack at the goodies last night.

We showed up promptly at 6pm, only to learn that doors actually opened 6:30. We stood — in the cold and the rain — for half an hour, and we were by no means the only ones. There was already a sizable line by the time we arrived and I’d guess that by the time the doors opened, there were a solid 300 people waiting to get in. I kid you not. 300!!

Three hundred people can’t be wrong, I thought, and my anticipation grew. We had several clear objectives: a car seat, an umbrella stroller, and a winter parka for Miss Mouse.

We returned home with none of them.

I have never seen so much crap in all my life. Seriously. Why, oh why, would anyone want old cassettes with no cases, stained plastic thermoses, moth-eaten stuffed animals, or battered luggage?

They didn’t have a single car seat, and I could probably have fit all their baby clothes into one of Miss Mouse’s dressers. Sigh. I did return home with a Sandra Boynton board book (Hippos Go Berserk!), an orange fleece sweatshirt, and a pair of Hanna Anderson striped leggings with a big green bug on the butt. And those were all fine.

But I was sad nonetheless, having expected a bargain shoppers’ paradise and instead encountered a junk graveyard.

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  1. Miss Meg says:

    Hey now… that yellow "I love gardening" suitcase was hideous and most definitely battered… but was walking the line to being awesome.

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