Sugar Rush

October 12th, 2009

We all know what birthdays are about… Sugar. And more sugar. And presents, of course. But mostly sugar in the form of beautiful towering cakes and mounds of ice cream. It’s a noble tradition, and one I embrace. For the next decade or so, I will have the happy task of selecting an appropriately delicious treat for Miss Mouse to bring in and share with her classmates at school.

But, there’s a complication. If you’ll recall, I’m the crazy mommy who doesn’t like it when the teachers serve sugar cookies at snack time and who insists on sending unsweetened applesauce and organic yogurt in lieu of the school-provided options.

If I show up on Thursday with a heaping basket of sugar bombs, I will lose all my day care street cred.

So what to do? I scoured the Internet for healthy birthday treats. Tofu brownies, anyone? Ick. Fresh fruit tray? Yeah, that’s festive.

But finally, Eureka! I have found it. Agave Nectar Banana Bread. Sweetened, but not too sugary. Heck, they even contain fruit. I plan to bake little individual, heart-shaped loaves so that each baby can have their own. Yummo!

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